Islamic economic system

The Islamic economic system in its principles – not in many of its societies – is a moderate middle system that is unfair individual, nor an extremist group that has not imprinted with the character of capitalist extravagance, nor with communist oppression combine the element of competition with the advantage of digging up the weak. Societies, if they adhere to its law, proceed in moderation and balance to achieving social justice and equality.

 According to which individuals and groups are equal in duties and rights, taking the interest of the individual taking it in the interest of the group. So that one side does not rise at the expense of the other or one right overrules the right, or one interest prevails over an interest.

It is a divine system. Systems fields, and codified laws, and permitted the halal, and forbidden the forbidden. Forbid what has proven to be economic, social, health or moral damage… and guide our religion and morals to take care of rights, perform duties and work in the spirit of conscience… A system that enables the individual to have freedom of earning and work, freedom of pursuit and ownership, freedom of production and consumption, but restricting his disposition to rationality, and not being ruthless so as not to return his work and scourge the interest of the community. God Almighty said: “and do not give your money to fools that God has made for you.” [By adding money to the group, instead of adding it to the individuals who own it according to the law, and he did not say and do not give the fools their money.

Islam is in front of the freedom of the individual. Despite what it has granted him of the right of individual ownership, it has not made him squander what is in his possession of God’s money in which he entrusted his righteous servants. In accordance with the Almighty’s saying: “And spend from that which he made. You entrusted withAlso he was not able, under the Shariah, from any opportunity that would enable him to extract wealth from the hands of individuals without giving return or compensation and to eat people’s money unjustly. In the hadith, “Every Muslim is forbidden to another Muslim: his blood, his wealth and his honor.”



Mediator At Political Economy: Islamic and Modern And The corporate system: Islamic and Modern

Mediator At Political Economy: Islamic and Modern And The corporate system: Islamic and Modern

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